25 Things: #4 I secretly dream of being a farmer

Friday, February 06, 2009

...sometimes. I know, how wierd is that?
I have a friend who owns an alfalfa ranch out in Christmas valley and I like to drill him on all the latest hi-tech farming techniques. I like to "buck hay". Ok...so I've only truly done it once, but it was late at night with a tractor and a flashlight and my whole family and we had to hurry before the rain came and that made it feel like the REAL thing. So fun! I dream of having a hay loft of my very own...and my very own chickens and ducks and a big plot with rows and rows and rows of daffodils. I'd do tulips, but the deer will eat them, so it will have to be daffodils. And then daisies in the summer...for my love. They're his favorite. And I think we'll grow raspberries to sell at the local farmer's market and we'll definitely try our hand at some hearty variety of grapes, because who doesn't want a vineyard, right?
I ache just thinking about it.


Steve said...

...and after a really hard fulfilling work day, you could relax by rolling in the hay loft. I could help you with that. :-)

Jen said...

AAAHhhhh! LOL. I can't believe you wrote that Hoff:-)
I love you! (and i think it's a good plan...tee hee)