The 25 Random Things Club

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I think those 25 random things lists that are flooding Facebook right now are really great. I have loved learning all these really fantastic random facts about friends I haven't seen in years and even things about the friends I see all the time that I never knew. So fun. I decided that what makes them so enjoyable is realizing how much we can relate to other people's quirks...and sometimes, even if they aren't our quirks, we kinda wish they were.

I decided I'm not going to post 25 things on Facebook. For starters, the fad has sort of run it's course. I'm not sure mine would get read at this point anyway...and that's a lot of random things to come up with at once just to have them not read :-) Then there's the fact that a lot of the ones I'd like to write are just copies of someone else's and that would feel so unoriginal...even if they were true. But mostly, as I think through what original random things about me I might write on my 25 things...I realize that I'm a freak, and I'm not sure I want to publicize it to all 129 Facebook friends. Mine are wierd, some more so than others, and I think instead of making people go "awww...I do that too..." they will make people go, "...what in the world...?!"

But still...It's stuck in my head and everytime I have a random moment these days, I phrase and rephrase it in my mind for writing on that stupid list. lol. Then today, I was reminded how much I love classical music by a video I came across and decided...I'm going to do my 25 things a little different. I'm going to post them at a time. Just for fun. So here I go.