Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey. I love this new gadget they added to google. Followers. hmmm. I discovered it on Jaime Speed's blog (of which I am now a happy follower!) and I think it's cool. So I added it to my blog and discovered that Selah Welah is already logged on as a follower of my silly blog. How fun is that? Hi We!!! I like it.

I fear that there's something vaguely conceted about having something called "followers" and suddenly deciding to display them proudly in my sidebar, but since I'm pretty sure I can count my "followers" on one hand, I'm not gonna worry about it going to my head. lol. But if you read my blog regularly (even though you rarely comment ;-) ), I'd love it if you put your cute little face over there. For fun.

And I am still working on part 2 of my treatise if you've been "following". It'll come still...I think.