Luckiest girl IN the World!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I do believe I have the most amazing family in the known universe. And they're SO handsome besides. Here are the family pics we took back in November that I never posted anywhere because they were Christmas presents. I'm kinda proud of them, because they are "self-portraits". A tri-pod and a remote control at the perfect hour of the day on a perfect river trail! So much fun. Don't you LOVE these guys.

This one is my favorite! It's actually photo-shopped...but you don't need to know that! :-)

There's my posers!

Something to be said for perfect light!

Here you go Dar...this is the pose from the header :-)

Jo & Bugsy.

...oh, and Dar...time for you to start blogging now so I can glimpse into your deeper, darker sides too! :-)


Darleen said...

Awe J....Those pictures are so great!!! Your boys are beautiful and handsome as can be...Please give a big hug to Caleb from the Ward Family and the other boys if they care to receive one. Thanks for the post. D

Jen said...

hee hee. I'll pass the hugs around. All my boys love a good can't live in my house and not, I guess! I often pray that they marry huggy wives, because I think I've ruined them.