Monday, December 03, 2007

Don't you love that word...ransom? There is just so much hope wrapped up in those six little letters...at least to me there is. I love the word Redeemer too. maybe it's an "R" thing :-) Maybe it's a hope thing.

We bought some Christmas presents from Nepal this year. How cool is that? One of my favorite presents ever was a big fluffy wool cable knit sweater that my brother bought me years ago. The tag says it was handmade in Nepal and every now and then I find a long black hair literally knit into the sweater (apparently by accident) and I think of the woman who spent long hours in her little hut or home or whatever she lives in, knitting my snuggly sweater. That gives me joy. I wonder if she thought about me wearing it the way I think about her knitting it.

Anyway, there is this company called RansomWear that helps rescue women from the sex trade and then gives them jobs knitting hats and scarves and things for rich Americans to buy for Christmas. It gives them something to sell besides their bodies, a way to live a real life.
Ransom-n. the redemption of a prisoner, slave, or kidnapped person, for a price.

Hope for the price of a scarf...(which is less than I would have paid at the Gap, btw).
A young woman's heart for a pair of wool mittens.

I like this organization.
Tell our friends.
...oh yeah...the guy who started this company is Dave Rogers...who used to be the pastor over here at Fellowship Bible (the little neighborhood church that we love)...it's legit.