Homeless Gratitude

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Her sign said she was cold and hungry and no one would doubt it on a day like today. Christmas is only 6 days away now and old man weather is sure trying to give us snow, but it's coming out more as a blustery slush than snow. The wind is blowing and every car that turns the corner at her post near Barnes and Noble christens her with it's muddy spray. At least she has a hat and gloves. I don't know her story, I don't know her name. Maybe it's Mary, or Eileen or Sandra? I know she has a name, and maybe even a family. How I hope she has someone who loves her.

I made an exchange with her...my McDonalds gift card for her Christmas wishes. She wished me God's blessing and a wonderful Christmas, and I thought it among the nicest Christmas wishes I've heard yet this season. In fact, now that I think about it, I don't think anyone has wished me a Merry Christmas yet...no store clerks or mailmen or business associates. Her smile was genuine, I mean...when she smiled and thanked me her eyes smiled, not just her mouth, and I thought it a better gratitude than I could have pulled off if I'd been standing in the muddy slushing wind holding a cardboard sign 6 days before Christmas receiving a silly McDonalds gift card.


Everyone has something to teach us don't they?
Thanks Mary, or Eileen or Sandra. Merry Christmas to you too!


Anonymous said...

You're my hero! Your kindness is well known in my family and the ways you spread it make so many feel loved. Thanks for being you!