Favorite Christmas Pics

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wow. We got a Canon SLR for Christmas. Finally, a real camera again! Steve has been saving for years...he takes these little online survey things and they pay him $5 and $10 for taking them and he's been stashing it away and this year he pulled it out and had enough to buy a real camera. Isn't he fantastic? So are the pictures we got!

Jordy got the "ROBORAPTOR" for Christmas!
And he got me a ballerina doll from his class auction. He said all his friends thought he was dumb for thinking I would like to get a doll for Christmas, but he knew better!:-) That's a great kid!

I'm not sure what the putting silly things on our heads for pictures is...like father, like son?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a really fun Christmas!

Jen said...

Fantastic. There are little helicopters hovering over my staircase and shooting at each other too...thanks to my brother :-)