Wrapping up summer...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I know, I know...it's time I post something new.

What though? I don't have anything deep at the moment...I mean, I could share my recent lessons, but they might not be encouraging. I like to be encouraging. But perseverance is hard. And it takes so long, darn it.

I have some really cute pictures that Sandy and Lori might like though. I love this time of year...truly. We're getting our last amazing summer days, and soon the leaves will burst out in color. It will be too chilly in the morning to go without a sweater and so hot in the afternoon that you forget to bring it home with you, and the sky will be October Blue (it's a color all it's own...my favorite one). My favorite season is almost here. I realized this year that i am very much looking forward to the years ahead. You know how a writer will refer to their character as "in the spring of her life", meaning young and new and how the "winter" is old age? I actually think fall is the richest, most beautiful and precious time of the year. I also love that time of day just before dusk when the sun stretches low, peering through evening windows and lighting up small winged things like they're lightning bugs...that time when you can hear the crickets just beginning to tune their instruments and mommies are calling "dinner"! I feel so alive right then...in that kind of shadow and sunlight. I think the "evening" of my life will feel that way...you know, that "all is quite well" feeling? I don't have quite that sense of well-being today. I've had a heavy burden of losses in the past couple of years and, as anyone who has lost someone knows, season changes are hard. This one is being hard, but i know it won't always be so.

At any rate, here are the pictures we took on one of these really fantastic "last days of summer" when we all got to go to the pool and play with our friends! Ben and Brynne stayed 'til late that night and loved every moment...even though Ben had told me flat out when I came to pick him up that he "wasn't coming!" He did. We had a blast! And we even got to catch up with our dear old friends Tim and Lori. First Sandy, then Lori, 8 kiddos...then 5 and an impromptu lawn party, dinner, conversation...a promise to Lori that I will make her a GOOD mojito next time. What a lovely day.

oh yeah...and here's my gorgeous guys on the first day of 3rd and 5th grade! (I love the "kevin wright" hair-flip on them :-) )