a great talk on passion!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I don't consider myself a feminist or anything, but boy, this chica has some good points. Kevin always says stuff like, "Women are sure powerful...when the women of this church band together, we're gonna see the world change." I wonder if it's true. I don't think women have all the pieces to the puzzle or that somehow in the "perfect world" women should have the power instead of men. That would cause as many problems as male oppression causes in the world today...they'd just be different problems...and probably more duplicitous.

But when you hear a statistic like "80% of the worlds refugees are women and their children", and listen to powerful stories like this woman tells, you have to admit that if we would do something to empower women, the world would change for the better!

Isabel Allende Tells tales of Passion!