The Lord of The Gibbon

Monday, February 18, 2008

He said I should sing
So I sang in the dark
When I couldn't see past the night
I was glad for the comfort
but then my voice broke.
So now there's no song
...and no light.

He said I should dance
So I danced in my storm
Keeping rhythm with thunder and rain
The dance was such comfort
but then my hip sprained
and now the dance
brings me more pain

He said I should love
Against all the odds
So I chose the impossible road
I thought love invincible
Since He was there
A heart shattered
is all I now hold

He says I should hope
He says I should wait
He says He is faithful and true
A Healer, Redeemer, a Mender of hearts
It's hard, in the dark,
To be sure.

But I saw a river once
Lazed in it's ebb
A river as unsure as I
Winding first to the east
And then to the west
And then disappearing from sight

It wound through a meadow
Cascaded from rocks
Sometimes it ran hot
Then ice cold
Confusing, perplexing
Constrained and compelled
How much flux can
one river know?

I've never known peace
Like I knew by that river
Only beauty and life
Fill it's wake
It sings and it dances
Gives life like true love
Gives peace and has nothing to take

My Sovereign Lord
Is the Lord of the Gibbon,
A river that never seems sure
He made it
He wanted it just like it is
Enigmatic and stunningly clear

And My Sovereign Lord
Is the Lord of my heart
The Lord of my dance and my song
He's Lord of the pain,
The enigma and doubt
The brokenness that seems so wrong

I'll cry all my tears
And grieve all my loss
Live a life that's perplexing to most
For a Sovereign whose love
Is beyond Understanding
But like that sweet river... I'll Know.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I love it. You always amaze me with your talents. Yes, He is the God of the Gibbon river. Cool how God shows himself in the simple and often overlooked ways.