I love this pic

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Did I post this yet?


SteveHoffmann said...

I love this pic too. Three of my favorite people!

Darleen said...

Wow, again as I have said all along and not even knowing the depth of you. You were something special and now even more so! I have laughed, cried, sighed and gasped through the last year of your life. Stepping myself in at the right timing and pulling myself out again when it was goodbye. Christ is all over you, that was the attraction for me! You live as a servant of the One and Only true God and it resognates. THAT was the attraction! Keep seeking and growing and drawing close to the only perfect example we have in the One who will NEVER leave us or dissapoint, the imperfect human will...we are all one step away from falling if we are not clinging to our Savior.