Make it real

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Go ahead and leave me a comment from time to time.
I'd love it.

I think there are maybe about 6 people who read my blog occasionally...ok, maybe that's stretching it a bit. I'm sure I have at least 2 readers. My fabulous husband reads it and faithfully tells me he likes my writing (I like him too) and I just gave Aimee the address last night, so I think she'll read at least once (chuckle).
I love blogging and would do it even if I didn't have any readers because I just love the writing part, but I think it might be kind of fun to know if I have an audience. And it would be fun to know who you are! Even better would be some fantastic dialogue around particular subjects...I'd LOVE it if you left your thoughts from time to time. You know, "Good point" or "Jennie you're an idiot". Either is fine. I'm a "D" personality type :-)lol.
Would love some interaction with you. Make it real.